The UFO flew over Folkerson

The UFO flew over Folkerson

In the Scottish city of Falkirk over the 30-metre statue of the “Kelpie”, depicting two horse head, took a picture of a glowing unidentified flying object. Local Amateur photographer Heather McEwan visited the famous landmark a couple of days ago and did the sunset a few pictures of the steel horses, but never saw then in the sky there is nothing supernatural. Only viewing the resulting images subsequently with his daughter, the woman found one of them a flying saucer. In pictures appeared white cross-shaped UFO hovering over the left horse named Baron. Some skeptics tend to believe that it’s just lit by the flash moth, however, the author argues that it is impossible – in this case, the length of the insect should be a few meters. McEwan says: “I used my usual compact Sony camera. I have not the best eyesight, and perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice this object while shooting. The next day I decided to show these photos to my daughter. Considering my pictures, she suddenly noticed a UFO and told me about it. I was just amazed. I immediately turned to the experts UFO BEAMS, tuslaw them this picture”. The staff BEAMS – the British society for the study of the mysteries of Earth and sky – was very interested in the picture. Here is what writes one of them: “We studied provided us the photos and concluded that cross-shaped UFO on it can’t be a plane, a drone, and a glare of light on the camera lens. However, we do not deny that could be a random movement or shake of the camera. In this case, the image of a mysterious glowing object could be blurred, and we hardly know what he looked like in reality”. Source

UFO over Krestovsky island

Note that the shape of the unknown object resembles a pear, which is in place and does not move. In social networks users reacted with irony to this shot, considering that it’s only airship that transports tourists. Some believe that the photo is a huge radio-controlled balloon. Believe it or not, in extraterrestrial visitors — everyone decides for himself.

The ISS camera recorded in human space without a spacesuit

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