Orb Entity Caught On Security Cam?

That same is what?
There is a simple explanation.
The first object.
This is a typical Chinese Lantern.
If takes a carefully, you can see that the object is stretched horizontally.
Object is constantly swinging, so do Chinese lanterns.
Video filmed at night surveillance camera with infrared perception.
This is a great lamp brightness for a camera with such sensitivity matrix full video object. Besides flame gives a lot of infrared radiation, which makes the object visible camera caught. Visible spot that swinging flickers only flame.
Trajectory associated with temperature differences between water and land.
When hot air Lantern flies up, and the wind plays an important role.

Object number two and three, too easy to explain.
Focus camera is configured to distant objects.
All objects in the large proximity are out-of-focus camera.
All such objects will be blurred, and similar to muddy spot.
Cameras work infrared night illumination.
Objects near reflect infrared light camera.
So objects appear luminous spheres.
Because cameras are located on the street and not cleaned, it can be garbage, dust, everything is swinging on the web from spiders.
Perhaps even a small insect, which attracts the invisible infra-red light cameras.

UFO spotted over Pakistan

Long Description of Sighting Report
Well it was the time of 5:25 pm and i was sitting at my house’s roof and i was just looking at the sky and suddenly i saw some objects flying in the sky and there was two of them and i am sure those were not planes they were like dots sphere dots and i saw them for 20 seconds and suddenly they vanished i was amazed and the weather was cloudy they vanished in clouds. They made no noise and there direction was north and after watching them i am still feeling ill. 
i am uploading a picture and i highlighted those objects 

Observation date, February 24, 2016
Place Karachi
These objects may well be unmanned machines NATO army.

Fallen meteoroid UFO destroyed two NAVY helicopter, 2016 United States

The search continues off the Hawaiian island of Oahu for 12 missing U.S. Marines. They were aboard two Marine helicopters that collided night during a training operation.

(CNN)Crews are searching for 12 Marines missing at sea after two CH-53 helicopters apparently collided during an overnight training flight off the Hawaiian island of Oahu, authorities said.
Eyewitness stories
Chase Tantog 21 year: “Jung reef Fishing, suddenly from the sky dropped a big ball of fire, sky Flash of light blinded and the ball fell into the ocean, fisherman almost lost consciousness, had a strong shock wave of deafening,” an eyewitness tells that the fall was accompanied by many debris.
The second witness Don Williams saw something similar this evening, he said that the shock wave began his house. A total of two shock waves.
The first witness of the Chase Tantog said that ball was so big that the thought that this is the end of the world.
One woman witness of Haleiwa Bay around which were helicopter were last seen, told about the huge fireball from the sky.
Exploring the archives of video cameras of Mauna Kea Observatory, I
found in an evening date, a large fireball meteoroid “.
According to my definition of this UFO octopus Hawaii January 15, 2016.
I classify these objects as UFOs octopus, details about them you will learn from the articles of the site in future.
The camera made with intermediate frames photo exposure. Pure video, there is no publicly available. This is the only unique video depicting a falling object.
This record confirms the version of witnesses, as well as some experts that based on the evidence, concluded that the two NAVY helicopters were shot down by the shock wave from the fall of a large unknown space object.
They called that “meteorite”.
This fireball
What is a meteorite or meteor?
Meteor or meteorite, has not the value that is stable in the minds of the population.
Meteorite-word definition that refers to a drop of some celestial body on the surface of other major celestial body on the planet or moon.
The word “Meteor”. does not indicate the origin of the body actually is some unidentified object, or as we call it a UFO, that is an unidentified Flying object.

How to calculate the effects of meteorite impact
I predict that soon, all planetary, disable stealth from UFO.
In other words, there will be withdrawal of stealth, with UFO Octopus.
A special section in which all the eyewitnesses of UFOs and other unidentified anomalous phenomena, can publish about anomalies seen in the sky or falling meteors meteorites, that is the UFO in the sky, can calmly and bravely describe in detail your observations and send them to me.