Royal Scribe tomb found in Luxor

A Japanese mission from Waseda University discovered a private tomb in the Theban necropolis in Luxor, Mahmoud Afifi, the head of the antiquities ministry’s Ancient Egypt Department, said on Tuesday.

Royal Scribe tomb found in Luxor
View of the excavations in the El Khokha area 
[Credit: Waseda University]

Afifi says that the tomb, located at the El-Khokha area on the west bank of the Nile, is beautifully decorated and likely dates to the Ramesside period, based on its style. Early inspection of the tomb suggests that it belonged to a royal scribe named Khonsu .

Royal Scribe tomb found in Luxor
On the northern part of the eastern wall, there is a wall painting depicting the tomb owner
 followed by other human figures [Credit: Waseda University]

Jiro Kondo, the head of the Japanese mission, told Ahram Online that the tomb was discovered while excavators were cleaning the area to the east of the forecourt of the tomb of Userhat, a high official under king Amenhotep III. He added that the team aslso stumbled upon a hole hewn connected to the south wall of the transverse hall of the previously unknown tomb of Khonsu.

Royal Scribe tomb found in Luxor
Scene depicting the barge of the sun god attended by 4 baboons 
[Credit: Waseda University]

The tomb is built on a T-shape on an east-west axis, with the main entrance, currently covered in debris, facing the east. It measures approximately 4.6m in length from the entrance to the rear wall of the inner chamber, while the transverse hall measures approximately 5.5 m in width.

Author: Nevine El-Aref | Source: Ahram Online [January 31, 2017]

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НЛО оккупируют Калифорнию и Флориду Лучшие январь 2017

Очень хорошие кадры из двух штатов в последние дни января.
Как отмечают уфологи на январь по статистике приходится больше НЛО.
Но это не значит что их может быть меньше в другие дни месяца.
Калифорния 30 января 2017, поздно вечером очевидец заметил яркий светящийся объект в ночном небе, размером со звезду, объект пересёк весь небосвод от горизонта до горизонта.
Флорида 28 января 2017, в 14:30 в West Palm Beach, очевидец снял на айфон хромированную сферу в небе. Чётко видно как объект отражает солнечные лучи.
Видео ад Флоридой
Видео над Калифорнией

These Alien UFO Convenors

It is online on January 28, 2017, on this site in English. This happened at Earl Bales Park, Ontario, Canada:

The anonymous man claims he was walking his dog at Earl Bales Park when he noticed a few lights in the distance.

He described the craft as a shiny metallic object measuring about 20 feet in diameter and emitting “a lot of light”.