Locmariaquer Megaliths, Part 2: The Broken Menhir of Er…

Locmariaquer Megaliths, Part 2: The Broken
Menhir of Er Grah

Erected sometime around 4700 BC
it only stood for 700 years before being broken in 4000 BC. It’s not exactly
clear what broke it, most theories focus on a tremor or earthquake, but we can confirm
that it did in fact stand upright.

Its shear size makes such a feat
amazing in itself, and it has divided scholars about the exact technique used
to transport the stone of which it is made. Rightfully so: measuring is over 20
meters long and weighing over 300 tonnes, it’s believed the source of the stone
is several kilometers away from its current resting place.

Source Old Stones A catalogue of rocks, stones, tablets, circles, and megaliths of various ritualistic use.

Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World

In 1864 Captain Thomas Musgrave and his crew of four aboard the schooner Grafton wreck on the southern end of the island. Utterly alone in a dense coastal forest, plagued by stinging blowflies and relentless rain, Captain Musgrave—rather than succumb to this dismal fate—inspires his men to take action. With barely more than their bare hands, they build a cabin and, remarkably, a forge, where they manufacture their tools. Under Musgrave’s leadership, they band together and remain civilized through even the darkest and most terrifying days.


Source Ancient Origins All about archaeology, human evolution, mythologies and legends from all around the world.