Get paid for your videos

Hello, are you interested to get paid for your videos?

Rumble helps you build an audience for the videos you upload and gives you a cut of the proceeds when your videos are used across our network of approved publishers.

Get the opportunity to promote and monetize your video on YouTube and other platforms like Yahoo, AOL, LiveLeak, MSN and others

Some tips to help get your video noticed, or noticed faster:

Film in landscape mode (hold your phone sideways)
Upload the highest quality video you can.
Cut any lead up / part of the clip that is not needed.
Tell your friends to watch your clip on Rumble


Register Sign-Up direct link

When registering on the site, specify that your referring user is: rasrad

if you are my referral, indicated me as a referral as shown in the video

I will help, ask


Sell your videos to global brands and media link here.

The following payment systems are available for withdrawing money Payoneer and PayPal


Weekly payout schedule, every Friday as long as you make a withdrawal request in the previous week. Let me explain with further clarity inflatable sumo suits.


Example 1:

You make a withdrawal request of $100 on Tuesday.
You will be paid on the following Friday, 10 days later.

Example 2:

You make a withdrawal request of $100 on Friday.
You will be paid on the following Friday, 7 days later


If the Friday lands on a holiday in Canada, the payout will be issued on the following business day. It is very important to note that you MUST make a withdrawal request. If you fail to do so, you will not receive payment and your balance will accumulate. The minimum payout threshold will stay at $50.


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