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Earth turn on xissufotoday

Earth news and more

A detailed analysis of the UFO cases. Personal video footage, night vision device, spectral filters and automatic detection programs.

Research unknown past, alternative history and mysterious artefacts disturbing the mind.

News of science and technology, space industry, social sphere.
Monitoring of climate, news about natural disasters and nature observation.
Astronomical observations and news.
And a lot of other interesting things in the world.
I’m trying to find the common line between the manifestations of anomalies on Earth, UFOs, ancient historical events, ancient structures, and so on in the flesh to the current social spheres of activity and modern technologies.
You have to understand that everything is interconnected with each other, and only then can we come to the truth.
I try to approach to the subject without prejudice, will deliver information as objectively as possible.
Of course it is important to take into account all the views and always refer to the source.

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past, present and future.


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