Луна, Венера и Меркурий после заката таймлапс

Молодая нарастающая Луна, 19 марта 2018 через пол часа после заката, сначало видно Луну, затем Венеру. Когда Венера почти заходит за горизонт, взглядом уже виден Меркурий, который уже достиг найвысшей точки над горизонтом весной 2018, и теперь убывает, появляясь все ниже в северном небе.

Луна, Венера и Меркурий после заката таймлапс

Source: Moon, Venus and Mercury after the sunset time-lapse by Xissufotoday

После Заката Солнца. Соединение растущей Луны, убывающей Венеры и Меркурия в небе над Хантингтон Бич. Вирджиния. США 18.03.2018. Фотография © Stephen Gagnon

Source: Young Moon March 19, 2018 time-lapse by Xissufotoday

Source: Moon and Venus in the evening sky by Xissufotoday

2018 March 4 Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus Image Credit &…

2018 March 4

Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus
Image Credit & Copyright: Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual

Explanation: Sometimes the sky above can become quite a show. In early September of 2010, for example, the Moon and Venus converged, creating quite a sight by itself for sky enthusiasts around the globe. From some locations, though, the sky was even more picturesque. In the featured image taken in Spain, a crescent Moon and the planet Venus, on the far right, were captured during sunset posing against a deep blue sky. In the foreground, dark storm clouds loom across the image bottom, while a white anvil cloud shape appears above. Black specks dot the frame, caused by a flock of birds taking flight. Very soon after this picture was taken, however, the birds passed by, the storm ended, and Venus and the Moon set. Bright Venus is again visible just after sunset this month (2018 March) and will appear quite near Mercury tonight and the rest of this week.

∞ Source: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180304.html