Web camera of the meteor shower Perseid 2017

Perseidas 2017 Perseids – sky camera live on 12 Aug 22:00 UTC

Cámara del cielo Observatorio del Teide (IAC, Tenerife)
Sky Camera Teide Observatory (IAC, Tenerife)

Веб камера метеорного потока Персеиды 2017 13 августа 01:00 МСК трансляция с острова Тенерифе, Атлантика, Испания.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the annual August Perseid meteor shower probably ranks as the all-time favorite meteor shower of the year.

All you need to know


Cassini’s Radio and Plasma Wave Science, or RPWS

These sounds and spectrogram represent data collected by Cassini’s Radio and Plasma Wave Science, or RPWS, instrument as the spacecraft crossed through Saturn’s D ring on May 28, 2017. As tiny, dust-sized particles strike Cassini and the RPWS antennas, the particles are vaporized into tiny clouds of plasma, or electrically excited gas. These tiny explosions make a small electrical signal that RPWS can detect. Researchers convert the data into visible and audio formats for analysis. Ring particle hits sound like pops and cracks in the audio. Details: https://go.nasa.gov/2eIrsmX