Stonehenge and the Hopi: Hidden Messages Connecting Sacred Sites

The Hopi were watching the sun rise and set at specific points on the horizon from fixed locations in their villages long before the Spaniards arrived in 1540.  Many of their most important ceremonies were based on the sun’s location; the equinox, the summer and winter solstice, and the halfway points between the two.

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The stories about Bigfoot in Russia

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Tells Waldemar Dauvalter.

I was twelve years old when my sister married a pilot. Her husband was on the distribution in the Yakut village of Sangar. Until then, I had never been to those places, and so decided to go there in the summer. Of course, I really liked it there: the northern nature, nice fishing, hunting. My sister and her husband lived in the early years of the hostel Airport. Also in the room №8, resident Georgy Sofroneev – airport electrician who was in charge of the runway for coverage. It was a small peasant rising about fifty meters, lean. His little room hit its emptiness: just a bed and a lot of books. At George Ivanovich had no relatives, no friends. He had a reserve, communicate with people only when necessary. Those who knocked him into the room, even on the threshold would not let – talking through the door slightly ajar. Sofroneev had a reputation as an experienced hunter and fisherman. And no wonder: he lived in Sangare almost all his life, and was in charge of all the fishing spots. Many have tried to make friends with him, to learn its secrets, but only one has always hunted and fished one. I really do not know what I liked it, but once Georgy suddenly he came up to me and offered to go with him on a fishing trip. When I mentioned this to my sister, she was frightened: you never know what might take a notion in his head that alone? Yet let me go on a fishing trip. Later, seeing that nothing bad happened, but on the contrary, we are very good friends George Ivanovich, sister and all calmed down. What about the hermit told was true. He really knew in the neighborhood all the best places for fishing and hunting, well-versed in the habits of fish and animals, knew a lot of will. Nature was the house mother for him. Georgy himself once admitted that, apart from nature, it is nothing in life is not necessary. In God he did not believe, but believe in some extraordinary hidden from people of higher forces of nature – in the taiga spirits of fire, water, in the hunting patron. He had a number of principles which he strictly observed.
– Do you want to eat duck – slew, not want – do not have to – he taught me. – Home you want to take a duck? So – Use only one, not two! Nothing extra!
The hermit was a very brave man. For example, he once told of how alone on the track and kayaking down the river Lena from Yakutsk to Sangare is turned over in the boat, freezing without matches.
– Everything was very good – he said. – It’s a pity, I did not have a partner. Would you are older, we have a second kayak soorudili.Vprochem you, it is unlikely he would take me on such a dangerous route. It is usually very Georgy peksya me. During our trips on a boat always put on my lifejacket, he saw to it that next to me was a lifeline, and if I got up in the boat at full height, strongly scolded me: “It’s dangerous!”. Since then, every year I went to summer vacation is in Sangar. I’ve got a lot of friends (some deal so far). And one of my best friends was, of course, Georgy Sofroneev. He was waiting for me very much, always met at the ramp. And the first thing offered to the next day to go with him on a fishing trip. We left the day is usually three or four. Georgy, on the one hand, gave me a free hand, treated me like a grown-up to, and at the same time constantly taught as an inexperienced student. Gradually, he gave me the knowledge base, which he grasped for the years of life in the forest. For example, he showed how to find the fish place on the lake or river: clean water, air temperature … I found out what time of day is the best catch can determine the color of the sunset, what will be the weather, and much more. So much so that I began to hit their knowledge of village boys. Sometimes we come with them to the river.

– There are no fish! – I say.
– You somehow know? – They are laughing. – Came out of the city and points!
Then fill up the rod and fish and in fact do not bite!
I propose to show exactly where it is necessary to catch. Do not believe it. We have almost persuaded. Finally, we sit down in the boat for some time circling the river, and then I say: “Here!”
Casting rods: fish – the sea! And this despite the fact that my knowledge in this matter – a trifle compared with what he knew Georgy. Frankly, many are really jealous of my friendship with him. I was sixteen or seventeen years old when Georgy suddenly suggested:
– Listen, Bobok (sounded so Vovk on Yakut style), let’s go to one place. I was there two years ago was not, I want to have something to show.
We’ve been raced on the river in a motor boat “Oka-4.” Then we come to a fairly steep bank, and I saw in that place on earth logs laid side by side. It turned out a deck long ago prepared himself Georgy. According to the logs, we dragged the boat four hundred meters, and then lowered it in a forest lake. Then we crossed the lake and reached the river channels.
– Here! – Finally announced Georgy.
Frankly, for fishing the place was a paradise! However, we got there, it turned out that the profit is not fishing. We settled on the shores of wooded peninsula. Put up tents, made a fire. While I was peeling potatoes, Georgy caught fish for soup, gutted and put into the pot. When all the preparations were completed for dinner, my friend pulled out a backpack big piece of meat with bone and went into the woods, nodding to me, they say, follow me. We moved away from the tents three hundred meters to the edge of the forest. Then the hermit came to a huge old tree stump and laying meat on him, said:
– It – chuchunya!
– Someone who? – I did not understand.

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George Ivanovitch told the following story.

In 1971, George Ivanovitch found in the forest, fertile place. Then he just put the tent, fish, hunt, eat and went to bed in the evening. And suddenly hear in the middle of the night – someone wandering around the tent. George Ivanovitch cautiously rose, took his gun, looked out of the tent and the dumbfounded.
– Look – walking man: a huge and hairy, like a beast! Similarly, I think chuchunya (so-called Yakuts being something like a snowman), – Georgy told me.
Looking closer, he saw that the intruder very lame, and even dragging his leg. Looks like somewhere in the forest getting hurt. Georgy had all the leftovers habit to put ashore in one place – for gulls and other animals. Not disappear as good! So, this is the chuchunya grabbed all the scraps, then emptied the contents of standing by the fire pans and bowls ate right hands to the ground and left.
– Of course, I was very scared – admitted Georgy. – When the “guest” left, I got out of the tent, surveyed the territory and saw blood on the ground. “Apparently, this much chuchunya hurt!” – I thought. And I felt sorry for him so …
The next day before you leave, George Ivanovitch gathered all the food he had: an open jar of stew, bread, sugar, folded into a large bowl and put it on the same old tree stump. Back home, the hermit did not find the place itself, all thought to the injured “person of the forest”, “How is he?” I thought and thought, and then took a boat easier – rubber – and went there where he met Yakut Yeti. Left them a cup and stood on the stump, but only its contents disappeared. Near the stump Georgy saw blood, but just a little bit. Then he laid out on the stump all that he has brought: raw meat, bread, fish, and then got into a boat and set sail. I turned around – from the forest seemed chuchunya. He went to the stump, took the food, and disappeared among the trees. Over the next month Georgy fed up of his new friend. The food he procured for him on the way to the river and in the forest. One of chuchunya Georgy even missed work – not had time to return. According to Georgy Ivanovich, this being quite reasonable. He himself believed that chuchunya comes from somewhere “from the spirit world.” Yeti is very wary of a man and came out of the woods just after he set sail on the boat about two hundred meters. However, each time it is more and more trusted person, and the distance between them gradually reduced. Even went so far as to chuchunya began to thank George Ivanovich: come out of the forest, collect food left, squeeze with one hand to his chest, and certainly free pomashet hunter. Sort of snezhnochelovecheskoe “thank you”! By the way, the cup chuchunya never pick up, always left it on the stump. Georgy noted that chuchunya is recovering: limping less and less, is recovering. When the hunter saw chuchunya the last time, he has fully recovered from the wounds. The day before taking food, Yeti waving to his friend with both hands. Since they no longer saw each other.