Lévyne-Ca, Offretite, Smectite Group Ca3(Si12Al6)O36·18H2O,…

Lévyne-Ca, Offretite, Smectite Group

Ca3(Si12Al6)O36·18H2O, KCaMg(Si13Al5)O36·15H2O,



SE Lava Drive, Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon, USA

Field of View: 2.4 mm

Hexagonal, thin, white crystals of lévyne, on which acicular, darker, offretite crystals grew on rich iron smectite.

Gianfranco Ciccolini’s Photo

Levyne-Ca the calcium dominated form of Levyne a zeolite mineral, i.e. a hydrated silicate mineral.

“Here are some of my favorites from my collection! Left to…

“Here are some of my favorites from my collection! Left to right, top to bottom:

Fluorite, green calcite, two sides of my labradorite, tourmaline on quartz, tiny double terminated quartz that has two points on one side (triple terminated???), lapis lazuli, peridot, ruby (more of a pink-purple sapphire than a ruby), sapphire, and a beautiful quartz crystal with amazing gas inclusions! They look like a tiny galaxy.

The two quartzes are amung many mined in Arkansas (Jim Colemans Crystal Mine) and they pretty much all came with this rusty junk on them. Do you know of any way to get that off and/or what that stuff is? The included quartz would be so much more beautiful and clear without those spots. I have a feeling it might be some kind of inclusion I wont be able to remove haha.

– Lappyrules”

Stunning Collection! Thank you so much for sharing. We will send you a private message regarding the cleaning of your quartz.

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