New PCA featuring Botai horse tamers, Hun and Saka warriors, and many more…

Just in case anyone’s wondering how the ancient samples from the two recent archaeogenetic papers by Damagaard et al. (Nauture and Science) behave in my two main Principal Component Analyses (PCA), here you go:

The relevant datasheet is available here. Over 90 of the new samples made into onto this plot, but to keep things simple I only highlighted a few of them. To see the positions of any or all of the rest, plug the datasheet into, say, PAST (freely available here) and create your own version of the plot. Also, below are links to updated Global25 datasheets, featuring coordinates for almost all of the new samples (available separately here).

Global 25 datasheet
Global 25 datasheet (scaled)
Global 25 pop averages
Global 25 pop averages (scaled)

The interesting thing about those Tien Shan nomads, especially the Kangju people, is that they’re much more West Eurasian (European + West Asian) than the Asian Scythians sampled to date. However, despite this, they’re still no good for modeling the West Eurasian ancestry of most South Asian populations. I’ve looked at this closely, and the Steppe_MLBA cluster is still the one to beat in this respect.
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