The Yarkon Cemetery has been the primary cemetery for the Tel…

The Yarkon Cemetery has been the primary cemetery for the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, in Israel, since 1991. In response to cemetery overcrowding across the country, 30 burial towers are being built in the cemetery, each one standing about 70 feet (22 meters) high. These structures are expected to provide space for an additional 250,000 grave sites.


32°06’56.1″N 34°52’12.6″E

Source imagery: Or Adar – Aerial Photography

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Gullies of Matara CraterGullies on Martian sand dunes, like…

Gullies of Matara Crater

Gullies on Martian sand dunes, like these in Matara Crater, have been very active, with many flows in the last ten years. The flows typically occur when seasonal frost is present.

Here, we see frost in and around two gullies, which have both been active before. (View this observation to see what these gullies looked like in 2010.) There are no fresh flows so far this year, but HiRISE will keep watching!

German couple nabbed with antiquities, replica workshop


Two German pensioners who have lived in Greece for around 30 years are being accused of antiquities smuggling and producing unauthorized replicas of ancient artifacts.

Police conducted raids on two homes owned by the German man and woman, aged 74 and 71 years old respectively, in the area of Thesprotia in northwestern Greece, finding what they say is a plethora of evidence of illegal activities.

In the first of the raids, officers confiscated at least a dozen vessels, coins, jewelry and other objects that are thought to date to ancient times and are being examined to determine their age and provenance.

Archaeologist Stefanos Vassiliadis, who is acting as the police’s expert in the case, told the ANA-MPA news agency that the objects are almost certainly ancient and were possibly retrieved from a shipwreck off the coast of Thesprotia. Read more.