Make Like Crane Fly Meiosis and Split! Image of the Week – March…

Make Like Crane Fly Meiosis and Split! Image of the Week – March 12, 2018

CIL:9060 –

Description: The events of meiosis I and II in a living insect spermatocyte beginning with the breakdown of the nuclear envelope at diakinesis through to the completion of cytokinesis. Testes from the Crane fly Nephrotoma suturalis were observed with time-lapse polarization using a Nikon Microphot SA, equipped for liquid crystal polarized light microscopy (LC-PolScope, CRi, Woburn Massachusetts) 60x/1.4 PlanApo oil immersion objective, 1.4 NA oil imm. condenser, with 1.5x zoom lens. Image acquisition and processing Camera: Images captured every 2 min over 5 hr 18 min by a QImaging Retiga EXi CCD camera. Raw images were processed using a 5-frame algorithm (Shribak and Oldenbourg, 2003). Movie images represent computed retardance as gray values ranging from 0 nm retardance (black) to 2 nm retardance or higher (white).

Authors: Rudolf Oldenbourg and James R. LaFountain

Licensing: Public Domain: This image is in the public domain and thus free of any copyright restrictions. However, as is the norm in scientific publishing and as a matter of courtesy, any user should credit the content provider for any public or private use of this image whenever possible.

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