Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Mirrors in Roman Villa Estate with Ceramics Factory


A set of five Ancient Roman mirrors, or, rather, mirror frames, have been discovered in a square building in the ever more intriguing Ancient Roman villa estate which was also a ceramics production center, near the town of Pavlikeni in Central North Bulgaria.

The discovery has been made during the 2017 archaeological excavations of the ruins of an Ancient Roman ceramics factory and villa estate led by archaeologist Kalin Chakarov, curator at the archaeology section of the Pavlikeni Museum of History.

The Ancient Roman ceramics production center near Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni has an area of 139 decares (app. 34.3 acres). 

The five Ancient Roman frames of mirrors are made of lead. They and the other artifacts discovered during the 2017 digs are dated to the last decades of the 2nd century AD and the first decades of the 3rd century AD. Read more.