Ancient Cave Paintings in Chile Have Been Irreversibly Damaged by Graffiti


If you wanted to feel irrationally angry today, look no further than the Anzota Caves in Chile, where late last month it was discovered that ancient cave paintings were heavily damaged by graffiti.

Worse, the authorities have explained that although the graffiti isn’t recent, nothing has been done to secure the area or to try and minimise the damage.

The Cuevas de Anzota, south of the city of Arica, is a series of caves inhabited by indigenous people in the pre-Columbian times. Now the graffiti has covered the ancient drawings of animals and vessels typical of the region.

It appears that the vandalised area was never actually open to the public, but other parts of the caves and mountain have recently been through a restoration project to increase tourism, and have been open to the public since the 1960s. Read more.