Original caption:  As soon as I stepped in Catalunya I knew…

Original caption: 

As soon as I stepped in Catalunya I knew that I would found a place that I wouldn’t want to leave.

Mainly known for Barcelona and sandy beaches, Catalunya goes beyond that and surprises you with its diverse nature and its strong culture stepped into the arts, architecture, food and folklorist traditions. I just loved it all and have put together the best stories that went through my eyes for you to take a 4 minutes ride across this beautiful destination. Watch Behind the Scenes & Director commentary: youtu.be/TkpCYdeiDoQ

A destination film supported by the Agència Catalana de Turisme.

Directed by Oliver Astrologo | fb.com/oliver.astrologo

In collaboration with Nils Astrologo Simone Sampò Leticia Piacentini

Original score performed by MAX LL | maxll.ca

Location Manager Manel Cuesta

Aerial production team Aeroshots | aeroshots.es

Agència Catalana de Turisme Miquel Alabern Nebot, Elena Roig Rodríguez

And everyone who helped in the making of this video. More Instagram photos: instagram.com/oliverhl