Hendre Waelod (or Allor Molloch) Burial Chamber, Llansanffraid…

Hendre Waelod (or Allor Molloch) Burial Chamber, Llansanffraid Glan Conwy, North Wales 13.1.18.

This the first time I’ve visited this Neolithic Burial Chamber placed in view of the river and estuary. Dated to around 3500 BCE, this tomb has portal stones which stand five feet high and a massive capstone. Located close to the River Conwy, it may well exert a relationship with other tombs and standing stones on the other side of the river and other nearby sites. It certainly exists in a sacred landscape.

The tomb is truly massive; the soil around the stones has risen due to moving deposits on a sloping hillside. The portal stones may well have been ten feet high and the capstone is approximately ten feet square and three feet thick. Cairn remains can be seen in the vicinity of the tomb.