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Мегалиты и другие древние памятники в Гернси

Megaliths and other ancient sites in Guernsey

Modern Stone Circle / Monolith in Guernsey.
La Table des Pions consists of a circular ditch with a circle of stones lying around the outside. The date of construction is unknown, although presumed to be late 18th or 19th century and it is linked to the Guernsey tradition of the Chevauchée. This was a procession that went round the island checking the condition of the roads every three years. However it is believed that the custom may have had religious origins.

The Table des Poins was one of the many stopping points along the route and it was here that the pions (or footmen of the officials who rode on horses) sat for their afternoon refreshments.
The earliest record of the Chevauchée dates to 1530 but the tradition fell into decline at the end of the 17th century. The last procession took place in 1837 although there have been subsequent re-enactments.