Staubbach FallsDropping 297 metres from the hanging valley left…

Staubbach Falls

Dropping 297 metres from the hanging valley left behind by a side glacier as it joined the main river of ice that was carving through the Swiss Alps before it melted away to reveal the U shaped valley before us these falls vary in intensity with the season, being at their peak in late spring/early summer as the peak snowmelt enters the hydrosphere. At this time the water shoots out from the cliff, to descend as a hanging mist to the Lauterbrunnen Valley below, itself the home for another 71 waterfalls. The falls were supposedly the muse for Goethe’s Song of the Spirits Over the Waters, one of his famous poems (though he was also an accomplished mineralogist, see The accompanying photo is an old one, taken in 1900 in black and white and later hand painted in the colours you see.


Image credit: Lauter Brunnen