Enchanted Rock Central Texas is home to some of the planet’s…

Enchanted Rock

Central Texas is home to some of the planet’s oldest rock and most changed/historical landscapes in our planet’s recent history. Enchanted Rock rises just about 99 metres (≈325 ft) out of the hilly Texas landscape and towers over the surrounding cacti and foliage. Native Americans named the granite slab Enchanted Rock because of the associated spiritual and mystical powers that they believed existed within the rock. They were even known to climb to the summit where they would remain hidden and safe from the Anglo settlers on the ground below.

The geology of the local area is unique and ancient in history. Amethyst, beryl, fluorite, pink feldspar, gold, silver, topaz, tourmaline, and crystalline quartz all exist in the area which draws in geologists and rock enthusiasts from all over the world. The actual shape of Enchanted Rock has been in the making for about 1 billion years now. Underground Magma Rivers cooled as they neared the surface without ever breaching. After this happened time and time again, the gradual push up towards the surface created the granite dome shape. The granite remained hidden beneath the earth’s surface for millions of years before erosion could take its course and expose what lied beneath.

Today, Enchanted Rock offers an interesting look into Texas Hill Country’s past both geologically and historically speaking. Many have compared the rock to a bit of the earth’s exposed skull, cracked and with as much of a story to tell as any other corner of the planet.

–Pete D

Photo Credit:
Texas Parks & Wildlife

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