466 BCE

Transfixed together
by the tantrum of a fiery prophetess;

a celestial
war tattoo emblazoned across a meek night sky.

Some raced
for roundhouses, sought unsettled settlements;

others hid
in crow’s wood, watched a weary world’s end

through the playful
patina of old oak and aged ash leaf.

We lay out,
supplicants to sulking river gods; uncertain,

fickle worshippers,
watching heavens rip through ripples,

soft sedge shimmers
to douse new, forge spawned anxieties.

mocked us, tracked the heated prospect of change

to a
hillside where wild deities danced in the reclaimed dark.

Written by the Silicon Tribesman

As 2017 comes to a close, I’d thought I’d end the year with a poem about time being delineated by a significant event. In 466 BCE, the Greeks made one of the first recordings of the passing of Halley’s Comet; I wondered how others might perceive the event in prehistoric Britain. Happy New Year to worshippers of all gods and goddesses, ancient and new and those of no faith too! Have a good night everyone!

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