Further notice (of a less pleasant kind)At Ancient Coins, every new follower is a delight. I can’t…

Further notice (of a less pleasant kind)

At Ancient Coins, every new follower is a delight. I can’t say how happy it makes me to see a small handful of you join us, day by day. I love sharing this information with you and seeing my own enthusiasm mirrored in the work of students and scholars around me. I even love the strange collection of pornbots we’ve picked up along the way. You folks are definitely lost, but I hope that my periodic coin ramblings fill some need you have for knowledge.

That said, I’ve noticed a worrying trend lately, as a collection of fascist and white supremacist blogs have steadily been accumulating, along with a handful of misogynistic blogs that I find equally disgusting. This blog has zero tolerance for these toxic opinions and has never been open to anyone misconstruing history in these heinous ways. I have hoped to remain clear on this issue, that these people are wrong, and that I can prove it with an avalanche of data demonstrating the worth and importance of all that these people stand against. Grudgingly, I allowed these people to follow this blog, in the hope that they might learn something, but my recent post about my increasingly busy schedule and openness to submissions has brought these people into my inbox. These are vile, hateful people, and I will not give them a voice today or in the future.

So that’s it. Everybody out. Today and in days to come, I’m blocking ruthlessly and without repentance. If you want to remain a follower, the way forward is simple: don’t be a nazi or nazi sympathizer. For those of you that leaves (a majority, never fear, including the pornbots… seriously, what are you getting out of this? Do I want to know?), there will be a regular post this afternoon. I need to get this bad taste out of my mouth, and, as ever, the remedy is sharing some cool coins with you lovely people.

P.S. If you aren’t a nazi and want to submit something, please feel free to do so. I’m not going to close submissions because of these pathetic losers.