Statue of queen Nofret II, wife of Senusret II. “The queen,…

Statue of queen Nofret II, wife of Senusret II.

“The queen, seated on a throne, has her right hand touching her knee, while her left hand is placed on her right arm. She wears a wig, later known as the Hathor wig, which ends over her breasts in two curls. The uraeus on her forehead is reduced in size. The queen has adopted typical Middle Kingdom iconography: her ears are disproportionately large, as are her face and limbs, her dress opens low on the chest, and she wears a very popular style of pectoral, as demonstrated by the numerous examples found in Middle Kingdom tombs.
Black granite, Height: 165 cm. Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, from Tanis.
Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE37487-CG381. Ground floor, hall 26.”

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass

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