Smola Norway Eagle Cam ~ Solo’s Home ~ Nice Visit + Resting In Nest 9.3.17 [00:22:46]

Solo flies in today and looks very comfortable on the nest. I believe this is the first time we have actually seen him laying down in the nest to rest like this since his fledge on 7.12.17!! While laying down, Solo picks up some sticks around him and moves them. 🙂 He gets up and does a huge ps off the side of the nest at 9:18 , showing that he ate very well prior to his visit. Mom and Dad are taking good care of him as he looks very strong and healthy. He then gets up to preen and decides to lay back down closer to his back bedroom this time. At 17:51 he hops to Mom’s bouncy branch and perches for about 40 minutes before turning around and departing to the left at 22:35. There is no place like home & sleeping in your own bed! Thank you for watching!

Video captrued & edited by Lady Hawk

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