Rivoli’s Hummingbirds Compare Plumage – Sept. 6, 2017 [00:02:11]

Four Rivoli’s Hummingbirds stopped by West Texas in under 5 minutes this morning! The two adult males, juvenile male, and female all sipped from the same port on the back left of the feeder, providing us with a great chance to compare plumages within the species. Check it out!

Adult males: Blackish, dark green bodies, brilliant teal gorget and purple crown

Immature male: scaled appearance, light green back, iridescent green splotch on throat

Adult female: bold white spot behind the eye, white-gray throat, gray flanks, green back

Watch live at http://allaboutbirds.org/texashummers for more information about hummingbirds and highlights from the feeders.

The West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam is sponsored by Perky-Pet®.


The West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam is nestled in the mountains outside Fort Davis, Texas, at an elevation of over 6200 feet. This site hosts a total of 24 Perky Pet Grand Master hummingbird feeders, and during peak migration can attract hundreds of hummingbirds from a dozen species that are migrating through the arid mountains.

For over 10 years, researchers from West Texas Avian Research have been banding hummingbirds at this site and others throughout the Trans-Pecos region of Texas to study the status and distribution of hummingbirds throughout the poorly known region. The active banding of hummingbirds continues (off camera) at this site in the Davis Mountains, and from time to time you may hear researchers working in the background. Some common species in you may hear vocalizing include Western Scrub Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, and Canyon Wrens (among others).

Thanks to West Texas Avian Research for their enthusiasm and support for hosting the camera at this remote research site.

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