Original caption:After 9 months, I have the pleasure to show you…

Original caption:

After 9 months, I have the pleasure to show you my new work carried out on the island of Lanzarote, a new timelapse based mainly on the changing atmosphere of the island, in which I have invested, between valid sequences and the discarded, more than 15,000 photographs to make a timelapse of 4 minutes. Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular moments in any place on the planet is the sunrise and sunset and obviously I couldn’t let it pass in this work. A timelapse consists in a serie of photographs turned on in a video sequence in fast motion capturing elements and moments that are imperceptible to our eyes. This involves technical, editing the picture and patience.

Also comment that by its low height and compared to the other Canary Islands, search settings in Lanzarote as the sea of clouds, unusual in the island, or the milky way without clouds or light pollution marring it makes something more complicated. Many of the scenes that are seen in the timelapse taken weeks, even months of preparation, and of course others many at the end did not come off well, despite not fail to try.

Once again takes them at night, they are which have become more complicated to perform, as loneliness and cold make Nick when you need three or four hours to record a sequence. Once again I want to thank the complicity of my family, which has always supported me and has always been feasible this project which I present with great enthusiasm.

I hope you like it and enjoy it, thank you.

Music: Lights & Motion – The Spectacular Quiet