Lyrebird BetaArtificial Intelligence service is offering beta…

Lyrebird Beta

Artificial Intelligence service is offering beta testing to create a digital copy of your own voice (you will need to submit 1 minute / 100 words of your audio):

After four months of hard work, we are happy to announce that we are launching today a beta version of Lyrebird. It is still a very early version but we want to keep the community informed about our progress as much as we can. 

This beta version lets anyone create a digital copy of their voice with only one minute of audio. Beta testers who record themselves can then use their digital voice to generate any sentence they like. Our tech is still at its early stage and these artificial voices are still basic and imperfect but they capture certain characteristics of a voice identity. We also want to stress that one minute of audio is the most extreme that we can do: more audio recordings will definitively improve the quality of the digital voice. We hope to make rapid progress in the coming months and we will regularly update user voices with our latest improvements. 

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