fossilera: 41″ Fossil Brittlestar, Trilobite & Crinoid…


41″ Fossil Brittlestar, Trilobite & Crinoid Plate

This is a spectacular, 41″ wide plate off Ordovian aged brittlestars, Trilobites and Crinoids from the Kataoua Formation of Morocco. There are around 90 brittlestars of the class Ophiuroidea, 6 large Selenopeltis trilobites, 1 Mucronaspis trilobites and about a half dozen undescribed crinoids.

What makes this plate so species is there is NO COMPOSITING, it is one solid piece and there is minimal restoration (3-5%) mostly on the Selenopeltis trilobites. Because of this, this is one of the nicest, large plates from the area which I’ve seen and would make for an amazing display. 

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