Connellite Cu19(SO4)(OH)32Cl4·3H2OLocality:Madonna di…




Madonna di Fucinaia (Madonna della Fucinaia) slag heaps, Campiglia Marittima, Campigliese (Campiglia Mountains; Campiglia Ridge), Livorno Province, Tuscany, Italy  

Largest Crystal Size: 2.17 mm

2.17 mm tuft of blue-blue dark Connellite crystals.

Photo Matteo Chinellato

Connellite is a rare mineral species, a hydrous copper chloro-sulfate.  It occurs as tufts of very delicate acicular crystals of a fine blue color, and is associated with other copper minerals of secondary origin, such as cuprite and malachite. Soluble in acids and in ammonium hydroxide. Insoluble in water.

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