Audubon Hog Island Osprey Cam ~ Bailey or Steve On Crown Royal? Entire Visit Long Version 9.7.17 [00:59:07]

Here is the entire visit this afternoon of what could be Bailey on the CR eating a fish. Some think this is Steve, others think it is Bailey. Interesting to watch the entire one hour visit. There was vocalizing in the beginning from both. It seems like this osprey has shorter tail feathers, a darker head, no white epaulets on the shoulders can be seen like Steve has and several times you will see her holding her right wing down. At 31:43 you will get a close look at the legs – some think they see a leg band – others say these are Steve’s legs lol . Seemed to take a long time to eat the fish and was unsteady on the nest at times using their wings for balance. At the very end of the video you will see her flap and think about taking off from the CR – she seems unsure. When she does fly off, she heads right back to the tree line where she has been perching since her fledge. At 53:16 we have a visitor fly to the CR. Is that Steve? Rachel has left on her migration and we wish her a safe flight in light of hurricane Irma. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Courtesy of Audubon and Watch live at:

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