Archaeologists Investigate Castle in Northeast Slovakia

Slovakia Stará Lubovña CastleSTARÁ L’UBOVÑA, SLOVAKIA—According to a report in The Slovak Spectator, excavations at the site of the Stará L’ubovña Castle, located in northeast Slovakia, have uncovered artifacts dating from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. The items include ceramics, pieces of tiled stoves, and metal objects such as a copper button, a musket ball, and coins. On the castle’s eastern side, the researchers found remnants of walls, wooden beams, and partitions. The castle’s third courtyard was home to a military barracks, mentioned in historic documents dating to 1564. The barracks is thought to have remained in use through the second half of the eighteenth century. To read in-depth about another castle, go to “Letter From England: Stronghold of the Kings in the North.”

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