5 things you didn’t know about…a new sprayable nanocoating


Credit: Seok-Pyo Hong.
Uncoated fruits (the lower section) were found to rot quicker than coated fruits.

1. A research team, led by Professor Insung Choi of the
Department of Chemistry at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Technology, Republic of Korea, has developed a nanocoating that can be rapidly
sprayed onto produce forming nanometre-thick films.

2. The nanocoating is made from plant-derived polyphenols
and tannic acid.

3. It has been demonstrated to
extend the shelf life of fruits such as oranges and strawberries. The spray can
also coat metals, plastics, glass and fabric.

4. Nutrients can also be
incorporated to improve the health benefits of food.

5.  The technology is expected to be applicable to
various industrial sectors in addition to agriculture. It has been patented and
Choi expects it to be commercially available at the end of this year.  

To read Antimicrobial
spray nanocoating of supramolecular Fe(III)-tannic acid metal-organic
coordination complex: applications to shoe insoles and fruits
visit, go.nature.com/2w4dceF

To find out more see the upcoming October
issue of Materials World.

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