MacCulloch’s TreeLocated on the Isle of Mull, Scotland,…

MacCulloch’s Tree

Located on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, and discovered by John MacCulloch in 1811, MacCulloch’s tree is a fossilised cast of a Cupressinoxylon (coniferous)tree. It stands proud at over 12m tall and 1m wide in collumnar bassalt and is believed to have been part of a Palaeogene forrest that was engulfed in lava 60 million years ago, from the Palaeogene Mull Volcanic Centre- volcanics associated with the opening of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

The cast includes charcoal, and some woody remains as well as ash, mud andvolcanic debris, but unfortunately amateur collectors have all but striped the site bare of woody remains since the tree was discovered.



Image; Flickr User Kiwioutthere