17th-Century Shipwreck Unearthed in Stockholm

Sweden Stockholm shipwreckSTOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—The Local reports that a shipwreck discovered in Stockholm could be the Scepter, a flagship built in 1615 for Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf. “It was really well preserved,” said Jim Hansson of the Stockholm Maritime Museum. “It is only to the first deck level, but you can still see the cut marks from the axes on the timber.” Wood from the wreckage has been dated to the winter of 1612 and 1613. Four big warships were built at the time, including the Scepter, which carried 36 guns. Historic records also indicate the Scepter was scuttled in 1639 for the construction of a new shipyard at the islet in central Stockholm. To read about another famous Swedish shipwreck, go to “History’s Greatest Wrecks: Mary Rose and Vasa.”

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