Face Rock Museum Whenever visiting a village on geological…

Face Rock Museum

Whenever visiting a village on geological research, there’s always a resident who is happy to show me his/her “special” rock – one that looks like a butterfly, or a star, or even his/her mother-in-law. It’s hard to explain that a rock that looks like a butterfly is not why we’re studying the area, but I’ll have to admit, I also have a drawer with rocks that look like butterflies and the ilk.

So, it was fun to locate on-line the existence of a museum in Tokyo that displays rocks that look like people. Brian Ashcroft reports that the museum, called The Hall of Curious Rocks, contains about 900 “rocks that look like people.” Well, people in a loose meaning, since ET, Nemo, turtles and tigers are also featured.

The hotel is now run by the daughter of the late collector, and if you pass by in Tokyo, you might enjoy stopping by to see Elvis, Boris Yeltsin, or your favorite emoticom.

Perhaps you’ll recognize one that looks like your mother-in-law.

Annie R

For more information on the museum, Brian Ashcroft’s link is the most informative in English:

But do enjoy all the photos from the museum’s website and other sites: