A Virtual Tour of the GeoWonder of Mono Lake We at The Earth…

A Virtual Tour of the GeoWonder of Mono Lake

We at The Earth Story have posted in the past on the wonders of Mono Lake and the Owens Valley (http://tinyurl.com/pfdjdw3, http://tinyurl.com/qzokp43, http://tinyurl.com/nk2jsyr ). So we’re pleased to share this link of a virtual tour of the region that makes our hearts sing: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50156481n

Called “Monolation,” this film by Jess Dunlap was shared to the world via CBS news.

I don’t know how many of you out there are geologists, or field biologists, or scientists who have spent a lot of time in their lives “out there” in the field. If so, whether or not you’ve been to Mono Lake, you’ll recognize many of the views in this virtual field trip – the glance at the morning sky, the dead tree, the clouds above that rock wall you’re trying to sample that you suddenly realize are god-awesome beautiful…

The ability to “see” the geologic basis of the landscape, the soils, the ecology behind a mere picture – this is what adds the true color to the mental image of a field researcher. This short film depicts a “Geowonder” as seen by a scientist. The view through the tufa formations ranges from detail (of a geologic process) to another detail (of another geologic process), and then the larger picture comes into view.

I’ve been to the field with people filming documentaries, but none have caught the images so well in the manner that I’ve been trained to see them. Thank you, Jess Dunlop.

Annie R

Photo of the Mono Lake tufa formations is a “desktop” offered at: http://www.desktopdress.com/desktop-wallpapers/natural-pictures/tufa-formations_mono-lake_california
Jess Dunlop has more material at http://www.jessdunlap.com/ .