A few months in Dubai will begin testing its first unmanned flying taxi

АэротаксиGerman unmanned ship Volocopter

In the Brazilian state of são Paulo, the tenth largest city in the world, the length of traffic jams on Fridays up to 180 and sometimes 300 km, the situation is Similar in all Metropolitan areas of the planet – people in dire need of air transportation to the city and several leading companies are ready from day to day to run it. A radical change is expected in the next few years.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, head of Dubai said: in 2030-th 25 % of the total transport in the city will be unmanned. The Emirate has signed an agreement with the German startup Volocopter about the early testing of unmanned flying taxi at the end of this year. It’s not an experiment, namely running a new car – create 18 double-rotary apparatus took part in the Daimler. A taxi flies at a speed of 100 km/h and has a reserve of energy for 30 minutes of flight.

Parallel dubica eyeing the Chinese counterpart Ehang, the ocean Uber’s poaching of NASA’s leading experts for its “Project Elevate”, and the French Airbus promises to begin test flying capsules Vahana this year. Approaches all companies are different, but have in common is their willingness in the next 3-5 years to provide adequate air service to the principle of a taxi. Key issues the introduction of such vehicles have de facto solved.

АэротаксиFlying capsule Ehang 184 from China

For example, the question of fuel on Board – all machines use “green technology”, they work on electricity. Instead of having to design the batteries of enormous strength, the company has accelerated and simplified the procedure for their replacement up to the limit. After every landing on a special platform in a partially discharged battery changes to complete over the time, while the passengers take their seats – the car will never take off “not filled”.

Or issue of security engineers ready to guarantee the reliability of its unmanned solutions, but no country in the world, the officials will not be released to hover over the city robot, and even with people on Board. Therefore, the first 5-10 years, the presence of the pilot, he’s a steward, he is the guide, etc. on Board the air taxi will be required. And then the world will get used to the new mode of transport and you can go to a fully Autonomous system.

АэротаксиAir taxi Airbus Vahana

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