Fridge of the future from Panasonic pulls himself to his master


To make the interior of the robot housing, to endow appliances with the function of command and the necessary mobility, very simple. Take, for example, a box of refrigerator and set on the chassis of the robot cleaner is equipped with a voice interface – and a source of cool drinks ready to go in the apartment, obeying the commands of the owner.

Concept was proposed by the company Panasonic. Her mobile refrigerator is, first and foremost, a personal robot, which is tied to a specific person and has the beginnings of intelligence, to study his habits. As well as the topography of housing, the availability of other inhabitants and their characteristics. The robot uses sensors to build a dynamic map of the area and learns to move on her own, without disturbing anyone. Not once, through trial and error, but why not do it for the sake of the beloved master?


Ultimately, this should take the form, when the command “Refrigerator, come here” the robot will determine the location of the host route will not go astray on the way a vase from the table that was set only yesterday, and not giving a paw decided to take a NAP in the sun cat. You brought a bunch of guests or rearranged the furniture? The robot must adapt to all changes.

Concept has a concept, even the “fridge” is no more than a Convention. Elderly or disabled clients for whom a trip to the kitchen no joy, might want hot tea, hot soup or dose of medication on schedule. The main thing – is to exploit intelligent platform, and the use of it.


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