New Teamosa kettle to make tea using ultrasound


Dr. Katherine Liu and her brother, Irwin Liu come from a family that specializiruetsya in the tea business since the 80-ies of the last century. In the new Millennium they are going to offer to lovers of this drink is very unconventional method of cooking. For this purpose, they launched a startup of the ultrasonic kettle Teamosa.

The essence of the novelty is that the device teapot for tea and the kettle to receive boiling water combined in one system, and its developers have managed to avoid heating water to high temperatures. Or failed most curious how the ultrasound turns water and dry the leaves in a fragrant tea that is hidden behind the concept of trade secrets. You poured the tea in the right compartment, pours the water into the tank, click the button and in 3 minutes get tea.


But not so simple – users it is vital to have an app to control Teamosa from your smartphone. And then suddenly the drink will not be so perfect as promises is a start-up? Reporters have not had a chance to taste the result of the innovation of the teapot, so the intrigue remains.

But with the financial issues no understatement, the product price is $239 for the first investors and $399 for those who wish to purchase Teamosa after the end of the fundraising for the startup. The campaign kicks off on September 13, retail new ultrasonic dummies is scheduled for next year.


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