How to be in zero gravity without leaving Earth


The Roscosmos that NASA is professionally interested in how to train professionals and equipment for work in conditions, when gravity is radically different from our own. To overload it is easy with the help of a centrifuge, and weightlessness have to climb into the sky. This service is available to civilians, but how does it work?

Curve Kepler, parabolic flight, “slide” are all synonyms of the same well-known phenomenon. Aircraft with a reinforced design during horizontal flight lifts off at an angle of 45 degrees. At some time creates an overload 1.8 g, but then the pilot removes the craving and aligns the plane that the inertia describes the arc and begins to fall, swoop down. In a short period, 20-30 seconds, while the machine is at the top, he finds himself in a state of weightlessness or microgravity.

What you can do in such little time? First, all experiments planned down to the second and implemented on schedule. Second, the plane makes not one but a series of parabolas, up to fifty, so the total time spent in zero gravity reaches a quarter of an hour. Thirdly, to discover new sensations and addiction to them the human body has enough of it. Even a bit much for beginners.

Access to fly in zero gravity allowed almost everything except medical records. Plus you need to get to the American or the Russian centre with the following services, and pay for them, and this is expensive. But the experience is worth it, say the new “astronauts”.

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