In Scotland developed a photon detector that sees through human

Работа с фотонным детектором

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) has developed a photon camera that can Shine through the human body, like x-rays. One of its main purposes was to assist the endoscopy.

The endoscopy procedure is quite unpleasant for the patient, and its speed and accuracy largely depend on the physician’s training. Camera designed to help doctors quickly learn the position of the endoscope inside the body. Before this was done mainly x-rays harmful to humans.

Работа с фотонным детектором

At the end of the endoscope is a glass optical fiber waveguides from which the light is reflected from the internal surfaces of tissues and organs without passing through them. As you descend into the body of the visibility of the light weakens.

A feature of the new camera is that it is responsive to the flow of light particles – photons and even on some of them. Such became possible thanks to thousands of single-photon detectors placed on a silicon chip of the camera. As a result, the camera captures even the weakest light signals from the endoscope inside the body. The precision with which it determines its location, corresponds to 1 cm, while all it takes less than 20 seconds.

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