British researchers have proposed a million dollars for the solution to the “problem of the eight Queens”

Задача о восьми ферзях

In the world of chess “problem of the eight Queens” known since 1850. The condition is the following: you need to place 8 Queens so that they were not able to “attack” each other in one move. According to experts, this task has much in common with programming.

Researchers from the British University of St Andrews under the supervision of Professor Ian Gent suggested the programmers to find a simple solution to this ancient chess puzzle. The task is to write a program that will be able to solve the “Problem of q” for big boards with sufficient speed. The winner will become the prize of 1 million dollars.

The reason for such high awards is simple — according to the calculations of mathematicians, this task is impossible. It is estimated that on the 64 squares (8 x 8) Board the number of possible arrangements of eight Queens is 4 426 165 368, and the number of “correct” locations in accordance with the terms of the problem – just 92. However, if the Board will have the configuration of 1000 x 1000 cells, the computer program will just hang, not get a huge amount of options.

According to Professor of Ghent, if it is written a computer program that can solve this task with sufficient speed, it can be adapted to solve many important problems, in particular, for deciphering the most complex cryptographic algorithms.

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