American scientists have spotted 15 mysterious radio signals from a distant galaxy


“Fast radio bursts”, a mysterious cosmic phenomenon, was first discovered in 2007. Since then, astronomers came close to finding the source of these signals, but did not understand the nature of their origin. And 26 August the team of the project “Breakthrough Listen” conducted the longest surveillance target, having collected a record amount of data, which might give us the answer to this question.

The project “Breakthrough Listen” was created with the purpose of comprehensive the search of any reliable signs of extraterrestrial life, and the fast radio bursts were much more similar to a man-made phenomenon than the pranks of nature. It is a fixed series of 15 ultrashort pulses with a monstrously large energy that come from a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light years from us. The number of registered hooks can be counted on the fingers, but over the years astronomers accurately calculated the location of their source.

Team Breakthrough Listen used the Green Bank telescope during a long 5-hour session to observe the object of FRB 121102. They scanned record the range of frequencies and found that the signal of the fast radio bursts are very powerful at high frequencies, which is contrary to the original calculations. And it’s wonderful collected more than 400 TB of data and guesswork, you can start the real work, analysis of information, evidence or refutation of existing theories.

For the first time at the disposal of scientists such amount of information on radio bursts, but if they can find the answer about what constitutes this phenomenon? Probably, although the chance to find a trace of the alien’s venerable experts unanimously assessed as negligible. And sorry.

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