Malabar gliding frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus)The Malabar…

Malabar gliding frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus)

The Malabar gliding frog is a Rhacophorid tree frog species found in the Western Ghats of India. The term “gliding” frog refers to its ability to break its fall by stretching the webbing between its toes when making leaps down from the treetops. It can make gliding jumps of 9–12 m, a maximum of about 115 times its length.This frog has a body length of about 10 cm, making it one of the largest moss frogs. Like many moss frogs, they build foam nests above small pools of water, into which the tadpoles drop after hatching.

photo credits: L. Shyamal, Vikram Gupchup, Sumeet Mogh

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