Lévyne-Ca, Offretite Ca3(Si12Al6)O36·18H2O, …

Lévyne-Ca, Offretite

Ca3(Si12Al6)O36·18H2O,  KCaMg(Si13Al5)O36·15H2O


Burnt Cabin Creek, Spray, Wheeler Co., Oregon, USA

Field of View: 4.5 mm

Colorless hexagonal plates of levyne-Ca are coated with a very thin white overgrowth of offretite in vesicular Miocene basalt.

Photo by Rudy Tschernich

Lévyne-Ca the calcium dominated form of Levyne a zeolite mineral, i.e. a hydrated silicate mineral.

Offretite is a rather rare mineral. Member of Zeolite Group.
Alteration of basalt with the addition of potassium.

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