Coca-Cola to double the amount of recycled plastic in bottles


Week in Brief (10–14 July)

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By 2020,
Coca-Cola Great Britain will double the amount of recycled plastic in all of
its bottles – taking the figure from 25% up to 50%. This is made possible
due to a deal with Clean Tech – who operate Europe’s largest plastic bottle
reprocessing facility in the UK.

Jon Woods,
General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain, commented, ‘Our packaging is
valuable to us and we don’t want to see any of it end up where it shouldn’t.
All of our bottles and cans have been 100% recyclable for some time now, so in
theory none should be littered. But we know that isn’t happening and that’s why
we are going to do more.’

While some
have praised the move, environmentalists, such as Greenpeace, have criticised
it, saying a higher target is needed.

has also called for reform of the UK’s plastic collection and recycling

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