Intel is preparing a microchip Quark S1000 supports voice commands

Intel, according to network sources, is preparing to release a Quark S1000 product appearing under the designation of Sue Creek.

Recall that a tiny 32-bit x86-compatible Quark processor first debuted in 2013. The solution of the Quark of the first generation (series X1000) intended for wearable electronics and Internet of things. In January 2014, Intel introduced a second draft on the basis of the Quark — Edison micro-computer with the size of the SD card.

Feature a new product Quark S100, based on the available information, the possibility of a hardware speech recognition. Thus, the chip can be used in devices with voice control. It may be, for example, smart speakers for smart homes.

It is known that the solution consists of two cores Tensilica LX6 with a frequency of 400 MHz. Mentions that 4 MB on-chip SRAM. The chip can use up to 8 MB of external memory and PSRAM 128 MB SPI Flash.

It is also noted that the novelty will be available in two versions — for commercial and industrial applications. In the first case, the temperature range will be from 0 to plus 70 degrees Celsius, the second — from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees.

On the timing of the official announcement of the microchip Quark S1000 not reported.


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