classicalmonuments: Pont Flavien (English: Flavian…


Pont Flavien (English: Flavian Bridge)

Saint-Chamas, France

~12 BCE

25 m. in length

The bridge probably replaced an earlier wooden structure on the same site. It measures 21.4 metres  long by 6.2 metres wide.The two arches at either end, each standing 7 metres high with a single wide bay, are constructed of the same local stone as the bridge and are broader than they are tall. At the corners of the arches are fluted Corinthian pilasters at the top of which are carved eagles. Acanthus scrolls extend partway along the pediments, in the middle of which is an inscription that reads:




In translation, this means:

Lucius Donnius, son of Caius, Flavos, flamen [priest] of Rome and Augustus, has ordained in his will that [this monument] be built under the direction of Cauis Donnius Vena and Caius Attius Rufius.

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