In the US the name of Elmer Sherwin is the same as the word for luck

In the US the name of Elmer Sherwin is almost the same as the word “luck”. In 1989, this a wandering adventurer came to one of the casinos and put a small the amount of money in the Megabucks machine. At the time, this one-armed bandit considered the most popular. Of course, to win Elmar did not even hoped for. Rather, it was another bet just like that! What was his surprise, when the reels have stopped and the screen showed the winning $ 5 million. After 15 years of Elmar visited the same casino and the same apparatus. And once again good luck smiled Mr. Sherwin. Only this time, the prize money amounted to 21 million Since almost every appear the lucky ones that can to boast of what fortune has endowed them. In Russia such examples no less.

The loudest records in the field of gambling. In our days the main gambling and entertainment you can find in casinos online. Virtual clubs began actively to appear only in recent years. However, this did not prevent the players to set a number of records. As a rule, in CIS the amount of the prize does not exceed 5 million rubles. But this is not the limit after all, today is the jackpot in some casinos has more than 10 million As possible to win such big money? Many professionals believe that the chances are more if you choose play slots 777, also known as classic. The fact that over the last a couple of years there were many HD devices. However, despite their gloss and the beauty of the subjects, the coefficients of the impact on them is not so big. And in the history of world gambling records more common to see old machines than new ones. For example, is a high payout slot Arabian Nights, who has repeatedly presented his players at 1-1,6 million dollars. One of the newcomers abroad managed to win more than 7.5 million euros on the slot machine Hall of Gods.

How to win money in a casino? First and foremost, forget about the millions, if you rookie. You need to train. Most novice gamblers make the same error. They believe that gambling takes a lot of good luck. In fact, victory is achieved through strategy, training, and experience. Get everyone together on the site with demo slots. This is a great place where you can to train and improve my own technique game. Take a few days to study and search for the “lucrative” slots. Then register and start betting. Be sure that the luck will smile to you and will be on your side.

It’s Flag Day! One of the best stories about Old Glory is from…

It’s Flag Day! One of the best stories about Old Glory is from Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland. During the 1814 Battle of Baltimore, a massive flag measuring 30 feet high and 42 feet long flew over the fort. After a night of British bombardment, Francis Scott Key saw the flag still waving above the fort and was inspired to write the words for the “Star Spangled Banner.” It remains a moving sight to this day. Photo of a Blue Angels demonstration over Fort McHenry by Trent Pitsenbarger (

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