#WorldOceansDay is almost here! In the heart of the Lesser Sunda…

#WorldOceansDay is almost here! In the heart of the Lesser Sunda seascape in Indonesia, the waters of Komodo are home to 1,000+ species of fish, 260+ reef-building corals, 70+ sponges, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and the famous Komodo dragon. But over a decade ago, Komodo National Park suffered from degradation of natural resources due to human activity. The Conservancy and its partners have employed creative strategies that protect biodiversity and enable people to benefit from the park in sustainable ways — including ecotourism and alternative livelihoods. Learn more about The Nature Conservancy’s role in protecting the Lesser Sundas region, bit.ly/ProtectLesserSunda—photo by Jeff Yonover.
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